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Re: Need for a debian-l10n-bidi mailing list?

Am 2004-06-14 15:00:49, schrieb anmar oueja:
>Hello Michelle:

Hi back.

>Heheh.. I know... the pressure is mounting on me every day to get that 
>darn thing out :). I will have an alpha out soon I promise

OK, I am not alone...

>>It is possibel to make a Install CD + two Floppys (resue+root) 
>>to get "Arabbix" installed on very old ( :-/ ) computers ?
>Not sure.. but it can not be too hard. I will add it to my todo list. 
>Hopefully it will be done by the time the beta is out :)

I like to be the first Beta-Tester :-)

(Even if I am fighting with arabic words which are not in my 37.000 
words dictionary and not in the dict database of arabeyes.org. grrrr !

>>I mean 486/100 to PII/350. 
>>I have many friends in Syria, but I have seen, they are working in 
>>some cases with 386 !!!
>Cool. I am from Syria. Aleppo (north) to be exact. Have not been there 
>for 20 years :(

Nice to meet people from all ofer the world...
...and working together.

>Great. than we can just add it to Arabbix with no major localization 
>effor then :)

I was realy surprised abourt it.

>>Curently I am learning arab :-)
>I am happy you are learning the language. It is both powerful and 
>beutiful. BTW, just a reminder, you should call the language ARABIC and 
>not Arab ;). Arab is the person who speaks arabic.

Not in France: "J'apprend arabe"

I speak 29 languages and 16 of this fluent...
Since I am working active with Linux I have gotten contacts in all 
over the world and I must speak in several languages... and the I 
mix up some languages... (already happen: dari + hebrew)

>Whoo... that is great. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully Arabbix 
> will help out in that as much as possible :)

I think, because I have already some co-workers in Marocco (while I 
am in Strasbourg) it will be very easy to start the CyberCenter in 
conjunction with Arabeyey and Arabbix.



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