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Re: Need for a debian-l10n-bidi mailing list?

Hello Michelle:

Michelle Konzack wrote:
Hello Anmar,

<< snip >>

Thanks and they are many people (not only friends of me) which are waiting for an realy lite Debian-Systen.

Heheh.. I know... the pressure is mounting on me every day to get that darn thing out :). I will have an alpha out soon I promise

It is possibel to make a Install CD + two Floppys (resue+root) to get "Arabbix" installed on very old ( :-/ ) computers ?
Not sure.. but it can not be too hard. I will add it to my todo list. Hopefully it will be done by the time the beta is out :)

I mean 486/100 to PII/350.

I have many friends in Syria, but I have seen, they are working in some cases with 386 !!!
Cool. I am from Syria. Aleppo (north) to be exact. Have not been there for 20 years :(

In Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria I had installed Deebian/Slink for some years on 486... and they are working today with it !!!

The next release of arabbix will have XFCE4 installed so you can boot

I have already seen, it is full translated to arab.

Great. than we can just add it to Arabbix with no major localization effor then :)

into it instead of GNOME or KDE. XFCE4 is a very nice desktop environment that gives you the basics with out too much load on the system. Check it out at xfce.org.

I know already.

There is some Arabic localisation work that was done on XFCE4 but it is not complete. If you are interested, I would gladely start a new translation project on arabeyes.org so you can finish the translation ( of course after talking to the original translator :)).

Let me know.

Curently I am learning arab :-)

I am happy you are learning the language. It is both powerful and beutiful. BTW, just a reminder, you should call the language ARABIC and not Arab ;). Arab is the person who speaks arabic.

But in some month (if all goes fine with my migration papers) I go to Marocco and create a CyberCenter (InternetCafe, Informatic Formation Center for Women, ISP and maybe a Foyer) in Marrakech.

Whoo... that is great. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully Arabbix will help out in that as much as possible :)

Of cause, all powered by Debian GNU/Linux.

And tthen, I am already subscribed at "general" on arabeyes.org.
I think, it is a must !