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Re: arabizing drupal

Elzubair added you to the list so you're in.

> > Yes we can host your project as long as there are translators working
> > on it, our main problem is lack of ppl so we can't host any
> > non-death-must project if no one works on it.
> sure, I can get around 5 volunteers and off course I'm willing to work
> on it and lead the whole project etc.


> > subscribe for a cvs account, make an announcement at the general and
> > announcement list and get approval from the core members.
> > And upload your files and you'll be done ;)
> huh, now you go confuse me again, I asked on IRC and was told I should
> bring the subject on doc not on general?!
> I posted on the bugzilla requesting a CVS account (isn't that a bit
> weird?)
contacting doc as a first step is the right way, but the Q now is what
is next?

ppl other then translators (for eg. hackers, outsiders coming and going)
must know about your project too, don't they ? ;)
So make an official announcement about the start of your project etc...
is very important.
You then simply CC the whole mail to general or vice versa...

hmm, that's new and indeed weired... normally you simply had to send
Mohammed an email and he makes everything for you.

Any clarification on this Mohammed?

> so should I post to general general wala doc is enough?

As for the announcement pls post to general and Announcement as for
daily work and anything related to the project only to doc.

> cheers,
> Alaa