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Re: arabizing drupal


please if it is possible right in Arabic in the doc list, it's not a
must but it would be good from your part.

Yes we can host your project as long as there are translators working on
it, our main problem is lack of ppl so we can't host any non-death-must
project if no one works on it.

subscribe for a cvs account, make an announcement at the general and
announcement list and get approval from the core members.
And upload your files and you'll be done ;)


Am Di, den 01.06.2004 um 12:52 Uhr +0300 schrieb Alaa Abd El Fattah:
> Hi all,
> we're on the process of building two Arabic websites based on the drupal
> CMS (http://drupal.org).
> I'm working on adding proper auto bidi support (I did a hack through the
> theme engine, but I'll probably implement a filter module for this).
> now the only thing missing is translating the drupal interface.
> would Arabeyes be interested in hosting such a project?
> BTW, I read the translators' guide, and its not clear at all how one
> goes about suggesting new translation projects.
> cheers,
> Alaa