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Re: moving away from SGML to XML

--- Mohammed Elzubeir <elzubeir at arabeyes dot org> wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 14:07, Ossama Khayat wrote:
> > 
> > This would allow me to give some help, as I have a
> > pretty good background of XML and XSL.
> Excellent! Perhaps you can help me figure out how to
> embed fonts when
> creating PDF's using FOP (or even with PassiveTeX).

Don't know what FOP or PassiveTeX is! I'll try to
google and get back to you :)

> The
> problem is when I create PDF's of Arabic documents
> (which is the same
> issue we've had with SGML, so nothing new here).

Do you mean specific thing, or just in General?

> I am able to solve the issue of direction using CSS
> for HTML outputs (as
> indicated previously) -- with the exception of
> bullets/numbers, which
> seem to be something completely ignored in CSS
> standards. Please do
> correct me if I am mistaken.

I sent a semi-solution before for this:
1. If you remove the *space* after <LI> it should work
2. You could play with the padding and margin for the
bullets in general.

Anyway, I'll check the XML file you committed to CVS
and see what I can do.

Ossama Khayat

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