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Re: cvs changes - pls help!

Ok Mohammed ;)


Am Die, den 10.02.2004 schrieb Mohammed Elzubeir um 6:53:
> On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 00:41, Arafat Medini wrote:
> > I don't understand why mentioning names is not professional, Elzubair
> > said many times "don't touch cvs" so that's why I was saying Elzubair. I
> It would always help to spell my name correctly ;) (Elzubeir with an 'e'
> not an 'a') In any case, I say "Do NOT touch CVS directly" which is
> something you cannot do (unless you had shell access on arabeyes' cvs
> server). My request still stands. However, removing files, etc. should
> be do-able for you remotely using the same methods Nadim has outlined
> earlier.
> > am very careful in these points if I change something and he, you or any
> > other becomes angry I'll have some flaming mails in my mailbox ;)
> > something which I don't like...
> > That's the whole point so as I thought cvs belongs to him, and he
> > doesn't want anyone to touch cvs so this work is his...
> > If you say, no it's your work then ok it's mine...
> > 
> Heheh.. you truely are one of a kind ;) Don't take things too seriously.
> CVS does not belong to me, it belongs to the world ;) However,
> maintaining the Arabeyes CVS repository is my responsibility and it
> makes my job a lot easier if people don't mess with it. Kind of like if
> you have a desk organized in a certain way and someone changes things
> around cause they wanted to clean it. However, the gnome/ module is
> yours and you are free to do whatever you deem necessary for the GNOME
> project.
> > To the updating problem, it is not diffcult in terms of operation it
> > will "simply" be download, check, upload. Sure that's easy BUT it is
> > very time-consuming and I know from experience that I get very tired
> > from these things which need much concentration.
> > 
> Yes, they are very time consuming.. there is always that boring part ;)
> --
> Regards,
> Mohammed Elzubeir (with an 'e') ;)
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