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Re: cvs changes - pls help!

I don't understand why mentioning names is not professional, Elzubair
said many times "don't touch cvs" so that's why I was saying Elzubair. I
am very careful in these points if I change something and he, you or any
other becomes angry I'll have some flaming mails in my mailbox ;)
something which I don't like...
That's the whole point so as I thought cvs belongs to him, and he
doesn't want anyone to touch cvs so this work is his...
If you say, no it's your work then ok it's mine...

To the updating problem, it is not diffcult in terms of operation it
will "simply" be download, check, upload. Sure that's easy BUT it is
very time-consuming and I know from experience that I get very tired
from these things which need much concentration.

So at the end I need the time which I requested at the end of the mail,
that's it...


Am Mo, 2004-02-09 um 20.13 schrieb Nadim Shaikli:
> --- Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de> wrote:
> > pls remove the following files from cvs:
> > 
> > from desktop: acme.po
> > from deprec. : all
> > from proposed: all only gnome-system-tools.
> You can do that yourself.  Remove the file (via rm) locally
> and then 'cvs delete filename' and then 'cvs commit'.
> > pls add the following directory to cvs:
> > 
> > office
> Again, you can do this yourself - 'cvs add dirname'
> > pls recheck the status of the directory "deprecated",
> > will you get rid of it? or do you want to keep it for future
> > developments?
> Its your call (you are managing this tree after all), I'd
> recommend you keep it until such time that it is certain that
> you'll never need it.
> PS: please don't mention people's names or email address on the
>     titles of email (its rather unprofessional) and we all tend
>     to read all emails (so there is no fear that we are deleting
>     messages without reading 'em).
> Salam.
>  - Nadim
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