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Re: cvs changes - pls help!

On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 00:41, Arafat Medini wrote:
> I don't understand why mentioning names is not professional, Elzubair
> said many times "don't touch cvs" so that's why I was saying Elzubair. I

It would always help to spell my name correctly ;) (Elzubeir with an 'e'
not an 'a') In any case, I say "Do NOT touch CVS directly" which is
something you cannot do (unless you had shell access on arabeyes' cvs
server). My request still stands. However, removing files, etc. should
be do-able for you remotely using the same methods Nadim has outlined

> am very careful in these points if I change something and he, you or any
> other becomes angry I'll have some flaming mails in my mailbox ;)
> something which I don't like...
> That's the whole point so as I thought cvs belongs to him, and he
> doesn't want anyone to touch cvs so this work is his...
> If you say, no it's your work then ok it's mine...

Heheh.. you truely are one of a kind ;) Don't take things too seriously.
CVS does not belong to me, it belongs to the world ;) However,
maintaining the Arabeyes CVS repository is my responsibility and it
makes my job a lot easier if people don't mess with it. Kind of like if
you have a desk organized in a certain way and someone changes things
around cause they wanted to clean it. However, the gnome/ module is
yours and you are free to do whatever you deem necessary for the GNOME

> To the updating problem, it is not diffcult in terms of operation it
> will "simply" be download, check, upload. Sure that's easy BUT it is
> very time-consuming and I know from experience that I get very tired
> from these things which need much concentration.

Yes, they are very time consuming.. there is always that boring part ;)

Mohammed Elzubeir (with an 'e') ;)