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Salam Shabab,

Back from Tunisia!

Binzart: wonderful, but the country is in an economic depression right
now, everyone (99%) want to go out of the country to Europe or the gulf,
and the majority are in a very bad mood...

Anyway! Gnome module list was finalized:

gnome-setup-tools front and Backend
This list is the one of the pos which are URGENT!
I'll make an upload an the others will be visible anyway, I'll not work
on anything, this sounds "rude" but I am VERY busy with my life right
now... So for 2.8 I'll pass. I'll make the uploads etc but nothing more!
for 2.8 I didn't do anything but I am still happy that I am writing down
mails here ;)

So Abdulaziz and Ayman pls work on what you can/want and let us do a
sweet 2.8 release!
And Abdulaziz can be the maintainer (ya siadat inna'ib ;) of gnome on
the meantime ;)
I'll be right there for 2.10!