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Re: GNOME prelimenary status report

--- Ayman Hourieh <aymanh at gmail dot com> wrote:

> Salam,
> I'll look into the fuzzy strings in dev-libs and try to translate them
> or post them here tomorrow.
> After that, I'll continue my work on gnome-applets-locations.
> Any suggestions?

I got a better idea. Once your finished with the dev-libs files, work on the
files in the desktop subtree (if I dont manage to finish them myself). If there
are no files to work on in the desktop subtree you can take your pick of the
files in the extras subtree. Pick the POs you think are most important, I would
suggest evolution or gimp or gftp.

Arafat should be back by the end of the month but until then lets work by this
plan, and then we'll see if he has anything to add. In the meantime can someone
who knows his way around the GNOME CVS _please_ do a sync back to the main
GNOME repository? Arafat said Elzubeir was the only one who knew how to do this


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