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Re: Start a new arabization project (GCompris)

--- nabil ben khalifa <nabil_benkhalifa at yahoo dot fr> wrote:
> I would ask you to start a new arabization project on
> arabeyes for a soft called GCompris :
>   http://www.ofset.org/gcompris/
> GCompris is an educational application that proposes
> different activities to children from 2 to 10 years
> old.

Sorry Nabil for the long delay in replying to you.  I believe
Isam Bayazidi had already started (not sure of status though)
on Arabizing the interface to the above noted project.  I'm not
certain either if you meant you wanted to Arabize the interface
or wanted to Arabize the various games and give 'em a different
look-n-feel or theme (which from what I understand is also very
much needed).

> I started a while ago translating Gcompris po file
> (there is one po) to arabic and I have done about 60%
> of it (about 300 strings of a total of 560 strings). I
> have done more translation recently but has not
> committed it yet. There are sound files to translate
> (alphabet, colors, ...) and word games files but I
> have not yet started doing that. I work with the
> author of the soft and as I said to Nadim Shaikli I
> am open to suggestions to localize the soft so that it
> suits more the arabic culture. It can be also the
> starting point for arabize other educational softs,
> which is a very important task in my opinion. 

I highly encourage you to continue (educational software and
esp. children's package are a much needed necessity).  If you
are serious about pursuing this we can also start a prim-n-proper
project on Arabeyes (the process to apply for a new project is
rather minimal given a clear goal and a high commitment level).

Do please reply back to the 'doc' mailing-list [1] (make sure to
subscribe if you haven't already) as I'm sure others would be
interested in helping and/or voicing their opinions.

[1] http://www.arabeyes.org/mailinglists.php


 - Nadim

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