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Re: Adding translated words from bad_words_*.po files

> To go back to wordlist_add.pl - all my script
> require command-line
> options, if you don't know what they are simply run
> the script without
> any input and it will tell ya (ie. just say
> 'wordlist_add.pl' and press
> return).

Sorry, I guess it's just not my lucky week!
I ran the script and this is what I got:
------- OUTPUT --------
[root at localhost test]# ls
bad_words_B.po  full_wordlist_B.po  wordlist_add.pl
[root at localhost test]# ./wordlist_add.pl -new_file
bad_words_B.po full_wordlist_B.po
<< * >> Using wordlist_add.pl
 < + > Read        308 new terms for processing
Can't open full_wordlist_A.po - No such file or
directory at ./wordlist_add.pl line 144.
------- OUTPUT --------
Am I doing something wrong?


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