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Re: Adding translated words from bad_words_*.po files

--- Ossama Khayat <okhayat at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> I just finished and commited the B file of the
> badwords list. I didn't add the translated words to
> the wordlist files because I wasn't successful using
> the wordlist_add.pl script.
> My question is if this script can be used to add the
> translated words *only* out of the bad_words/new_words
> list files?

The script functions either as,

 1. You can either give it input as shear new words without
    translation (one per line); so for instance



 2. You hand the script a .po file that is fully translated.
    It will grab all the new terms and insert them into the
    appropriate place and regenerate the new "golden files".
    If you happen to have non-translated terms in that .po
    file you are attempting to include, those will be treated
    as though they are translated (ie. they will end-up in
    the new resulting file).

I'm not sure what is to happen to the bad_words_* files post
phase II (forget new_words for a second as that is phase III).
The idea was to remove words from bad_words_* that were deemed
100% not worthy of being included and the rest was to be
translated and moved over to the golden bunch (the 26 files).
Ahmad, is that the case ?

To go back to wordlist_add.pl - all my script require command-line
options, if you don't know what they are simply run the script without
any input and it will tell ya (ie. just say 'wordlist_add.pl' and press

Hope this helps.


 - Nadim

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