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Re: Complete Report: Terminology, Wordlist...

I didn't read the complete list of Mr Hafid, But thats a whole overhaul
for me, that's a little bit mor then a "technical list" ...
I think, -and this is MY opinion- everyone has to stick to the
guidelines of The Arabeyes project.
I like them very much, and they helped me alot in my work and I feel so
confortable with them that I don't want to change them against Mr Hafids

The Metaprojects guidelines are very flexible and free, and that's why I
like working with the group.
Maybe mohammed will say he's flattering me but those are my words anyway
I am very happy with how the project is done.
On the other hand that's too much things to deal with, which are in my
opinion not important, who will be the foreign translator who will come
to work with Arabeyes having a foreign name? And saying ah great I want
to work on KDE or GNOME arabization?!!! Hmmm I haven't even seen Arabic

There are many issues which are MAYBE not really important.
Organizing the project is something which the maintainers have to do, so
cleaning up code or working on old code is still the problem of the
maintainers I think.

For eg. I first worked a little bit then stopped work for over half a
year then returned to complete translation of gnome 2.2 in 3 or 4 months
of hard work, and reorganizing the whole project, and now I feel ready
for cleaning. If someone would say to me first of all only clean I would
maybe totally get lost... And the project also as it wasn't mature,
maybe KDE is different...

Those are my two cents...
BTW not using Windows translations is a legal issue, NEVER use something
from microsoft unless it is under an open source license or Arabeyes
will be sued by one of the Arabic dependencies of M$ for sure...


Am Die, 2003-11-18 um 18.07 schrieb Nadim Shaikli:
> --- hafid71 at gawab dot com wrote:
> > 
> >      :
> > -  " " 
> > 
> > -  :   MS  
> >  
> > -  :   ArabEyes 
> >   
> > -  :   OpenOffice 
> >   
> > -  :  
> >     
> >  
> >       
> >   .
> > 
> Hafid, I don't have too many comments on what you are saying I do
> want to stress 3 points (and not make this long so as to keep
> people interested in reading this topic).
>  1. You note that you did in fact download some translations from
>     MS - as such, can you point me to their license ?  Did MS give
>     the users that downloaded that list full rights to use their
>     translations ?  Again, Arabeyes only deals with Open Source
>     code and we don't want to over-step that authority !!
>  2. I highly recommend you stop using (and or updating) that excel
>     file.  As noted I spent close to 3 hours on getting the file into
>     a format that all can read and access.  If your answer to question
>     #1 above leads us to the removal of some (or all) of the terms then
>     so be it (no harm done).  But I again am asking you to simply let
>     go of that file and concentrating on doing things the way we have
>     been doing them.
>       http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/translate/wordlist/other/
>  3. Don't concern yourself with the 'wordlist' files or project.
>     Let's just get the 'techincal list (techlist)' taken care of
>     and agreed upon.
> In terms of using linux, do please contact your friend and start using
> Linux/FreeBSD for all your translation work.  I, for one, will no longer
> look at any excel/word/etc files regarding this matter.
> Salam.
>  - Nadim
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