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Re: I have alomost finished KTouch

On Wed, Mar 19, 2003 at 08:36:57AM +0300, Munzir Taha wrote:
> Ok, just as a test I have translated the remaining untranslated strings of 
> KTouch program and commited the changes. I need one with experience to tell 
> me whether I have done a disaster or now is the time to go for 
> full_wordlist.po.


You did a good job -- I think you would add great value to the full_wordlist.
I have some comments on some things (and I think Youcef Rahal may want to
incorporate their mention in the Translator Guide as well).

  + rc.cpp:19
    msgid "Color && Animation"
    When you see double ampersend's it is not the same as accelerators 
    (where you press Alt-X -- where X is any key). It simply means that because
    the '&' is a special character it has to be put in twice so the parser
    knows to keep it as is. So in your translation, since you put the 'WAW'
    you needn't put anything regarding the & character. So the original
    translation was correct, your changes are not.

I know this second one is not something you've added, but it is for everyone
else to take _extra_ care of. Any translation looking like below is simply
not acceptable. The language must be as though the program is directly
communicating w/ the user and vice versa. 

  + rc.cpp:33
    msgid "Change keyboard layout."
    The translation should be more in the form of a directive action and not
    the way it is given. For example:
    "Ghayyir hay2at law7at al-mafatee7" instead of "Taghyeer..."
     This is of EXTREME importance. 

Otherwise, I think you are ready to tackle on the full_wordlist ;)
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