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Re: KDE-i18n Project Plan


From: Mohammed Elzubeir
Subject: KDE-i18n Project Plan
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 14:17:10 -0500

Thank you all for your responses. We can finally start moving forward with a clearer plan in mind. Currently, this is the list of modules and the individuals who will be working on them. Please do speak up if something is not what you have subscribed to (or object to).

+ Root-files
  Youcef Rahal      (rahal)    -- 2 hours

+ kdebase/
  Mohammed Yousif   (yousif)   -- undefined

+ kdemultimedia/
  Abdulrahman Sayed (sayed)    -- 2 hours

+ kdenetwork/
  Walid Shaari      (shaari)   -- undefined

+ kdeutils/
  Anmar Oueja       (oueja)    -- 2 hours

+ kdeaddon/
  Mohammed Gamal    (gamal)    -- undefined

+ koffice/
  Nuriddin Aminagha (aminagha) -- 2 hours

I think there are at least 3 people missing in the list above:
1- Jasem Mutlaq who said he will be translating kstars.
2- Ibrahim who didn't say what he'll be working on (at least not publicly), but he is regularly commiting, which is great :)
3- What about Isam ? ;)

I would vote for KDE 3.2. The rough deadline of 16 weeks is perfect for the amount of effort we have. I would say 12 weeks are more than enough for us to finish and check the untranslated strings. The 4 resting weeks would be also enough to translate any new strings and keep up with the release deadline. This is of course only my point of view, and I'll stick to the majority's :)

It's great that the KDE translation is back on track. I don't see anything that could stop us with such a good organization ;) Insha Allah of course.


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