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Re: KDE-i18n Project Plan

On Sunday, March 9, 2003, at 11:17 AM, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:

Thank you all for your responses. We can finally start moving forward with
a clearer plan in mind. Currently, this is the list of modules and the
individuals who will be working on them. Please do speak up if something
is not what you have subscribed to (or object to).

+ Root-files
  Youcef Rahal      (rahal)    -- 2 hours

+ kdebase/
  Mohammed Yousif   (yousif)   -- undefined

+ kdemultimedia/
  Abdulrahman Sayed (sayed)    -- 2 hours

+ kdenetwork/
  Walid Shaari      (shaari)   -- undefined

+ kdeutils/
  Anmar Oueja       (oueja)    -- 2 hours

+ kdeaddon/
  Mohammed Gamal    (gamal)    -- undefined

+ koffice/
  Nuriddin Aminagha (aminagha) -- 2 hours

Currently on our CVS, there is the KDE HEAD along with the 3.1 branch. The branch is named "KDE_3_1_branch".

To better explain this if you are not familiar with CVS, think of CVS is
a tree. The head is the main trunk and branches grow from it. If you
simply checkout what's in the CVS you get the HEAD (main trunk) by
default. However, if you specify the branch, you get the branch you
are wanting to work with.

To illustrate:

$ cvs co -r KDE_3_1_branch translate/kde

This will checkout the needed branch. You needn't worry about it after that
point. The easiest way to go around this is to simply checkout a fresh
copy from CVS (there are other ways of course). You will notice that there
is a file "Tag" inside your CVS/ directories. This file should contain
a single line saying:

When you commit files they will automatically go into the KDE_3_1_branch
because of the existence of this Tag file.

KDE Releases ------------

KDE releases are either major or minor. The difference between them is
essentially (and as far as translation is concerned), the amount of work
necessary to be completed. As you would have guessed,a major release
involves far more wrok than a minor one. However, this is only the case
if we have already gone a long way in the previous major release of a minor

To have a better idea of how KDE operates, you can visit this url:
http://developer.kde.org/development-versions/ release.html#major_release

Our Options ------------

The latest from the 3.1 branch is 3.1.1 which was released this March 7, 2003.
Considering that we don't have the huge workforce we hope to have, we have
to work on one or the other.

I think we have to stick to one option regardless of what it is. I vote to stick with KDE 3.1 for now.

The next major release is 3.2. This has yet to be scheduled. We will have
about 16 weeks to complete the translation for it (from the start of its
announcement). However, this will mean that the strings will constantly
be changing as there is a lot of active development happening.

I think this is a blessing that KDE 3.2 is coming in a little while. We now have a dead line, well sort of.

Although the strings will change for KDE 3.2, it will not be a big change from KDE 3.1 , assuming we stick with KDE 3.1. so we should be able to catch up relatively quickly.

So I would like to know what you guys think. Most importantly, the folks
who will be spending a lot of time translating for KDE ;) Would you rather
continue with the 3.1 branch to try to get the best 3.1.x releases with
more Arabic, or go for the next major release (3.2, yet to be scheduled)
working directly with the main trunk?

I will make a final decision once I get some feedback. In the meantime,
keep working on the HEAD branch (as you already have been, so you don't
need to change anything).

Thank you.
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