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Re: KDE-i18n Project Plan

Youcef Rabah Rahal wrote:


+ Root-files
  Youcef Rahal      (rahal)    -- 2 hours

+ kdebase/
  Mohammed Yousif   (yousif)   -- undefined

+ kdemultimedia/
  Abdulrahman Sayed (sayed)    -- 2 hours

+ kdenetwork/
  Walid Shaari      (shaari)   -- undefined

+ kdeutils/
  Anmar Oueja       (oueja)    -- 2 hours

+ kdeaddon/
  Mohammed Gamal    (gamal)    -- undefined

+ koffice/
  Nuriddin Aminagha (aminagha) -- 2 hours

I think there are at least 3 people missing in the list above:
1- Jasem Mutlaq who said he will be translating kstars.
2- Ibrahim who didn't say what he'll be working on (at least not publicly), but he is regularly commiting, which is great :)
3- What about Isam ? ;)

What about me :( I am really sorry that I can't help during these two weeks because of the critical situation I'm going through. So, please consider me working on the full_wordlist.po as well as trying to tell people about the group in the mailing lists and in the Linux class I was teaching today and everyone I know. Also, hopefully RedHat will have the Arabic KDE and GNOME interfaces and KACS & Haydar fonts in the coming release if they support the idea I suggested them :)
I'm also working with some help from my friend Yousef Awak on translating the www.distrowatch.com and in return the AE banner will be frequently on the Arabic section.

Hopefully, in some two weeks or less later on I'll be able to get back to act on the Quran project, and helping in translation.