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Re: flood of questions

On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 04:50:44PM +0000, أبو المغيرة Abu Almugeerah wrote:
> 1. when translating...some lines contains '%s' should i keep it as is or i 
> should write it as 's%' ...[same applies to '\n'..etc]

Write it as you see it... so, '%s' is how it should be.
> 2. should i translate by words ... or by sentence as a whole 'by meaning'

Definitely not word-to-word translation. That is strongly discouraged.

> 3. some words...have underscore... is this a shortcut...and if its 
> so...according to what should i select the arabic letter [before or after 
> the letter and which letter ]

Yes, they are called accelerators.

> 4. some words seems as if they are program name or constant... should i 
> translate them... or should i copy them intact.

Depends. Give an example.

> 5. sometimes there are c/c++ interfaces names in the form... 'foo::do_such' 
> what about them [intact or what. i know its a strange question... but i 
> want to set point over letters for myself]

Keep it in its Latin form.

> 6. computer terms such as 'ASCII' should i write their pronounciation or 
> keep them intact.

Please refer to section 3.2.3 Abbreviations and Acronyms in the Documentation
Standards draft:

It answers _some_ of your questions but not all.

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