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Re: Math and Scientific Terminology in Maalam

Thanks Imed !

I am very interested in BOOK2, but why not send them both ;)

I will send you privately my adress and I insist that you send you me yours with the precise price of the books and the port fees, because I would like to have the original version of the books (not a photocopy).

Thanks again,


From: Imed Chihi

Subject: Re: Math and Scientific Terminology in Maalam
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 14:46:36 +0100

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I paid a visit to the ALECSO library and the guy there came up with a couple
of intresting references, they're both in Arabic, I'm typing here my best
guess for a translation:

== BOOK 1 ====================================
Arabisation Coordination Bureau

Unified Dictionay Series: number 27

Volume 4: Unified Dictionary for Computer Science Terms
          [English - French - Arabic]

Edition 2000

== BOOK 2 ====================================

Volume 3: Unified Dictionary for Mathematics and Astronomy Terms
          [English - French - Arabic]

Edition Tunis, 1990

They cost about TND 13 (~USD 10). Again, if you're interested, I can ship a
(photo)copy via snail mail.


On Thursday 09 January 2003 10:14, Youcef Rabah Rahal wrote:
> Salam Imed,
> And thanks for your reply (I started to despair on having an answer from
> maghreb !).
> From: Imed Chihi
> >Subject: Re: Math and Scientific Terminology in Maalam
> >Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 10:18:10 +0100
> >
> >Hash: SHA1
> >
> >Youcef,
> >
> >I'm from Tunisia and, unfortunately, we still don't have a thourough
> > Arabic math curriculum. Kids attend math courses till 9th form in Arabic
> > and abruptly switch to French the following year. This is, actually,
> > better than
> >in the past where Arabic teaching used to stop at the 6th form, it's a
> >progressive migration to an all-Arabic mathematics curriculum.
> In algeria studies are in arabic till the univeristy. Then you can choose
> if you continue in arabic or switch to french. The arabization process
> started abruptly in the seventies and was made clumsily because a whole
> generation of teachers (with a french background) had to switch into arabic
> at once. It resulted in a low quality teaching that is noticable until
> today (because the message was not passing between the teachers with french
> background and the new arabized pupils).
> >Therefore, I may not be able to find a Tunisian official document
> > referring to
> >relatively "advanced" math concepts as trigonometry and functions for now.
> >If
> >you think it may help you have an idea about how things are tought here, I
> >may send you a copy of two or three school books. Just send me a postal
> >address if you're interested and let me know whether you're interested
> > only in mathematics.
> Well, that's very kind from you ! But just don't bother with sending books
> ;) And yes for the moment I am particularly interested in mathematics, such
> as function names and other terminilogy (I don't know for example how to
> say "fit a function" in arabic - what a shame).
> >I once saw an Arabic-French-English glossary of technical terms edited by
> > a branch of the ALECSO located in Morocco. By the way, I once wrote
> > (e-mail) to
> >the ALECSO headquarters in Tunis asking for assistance in this matter and
> > I received no reply (actually, I received one, but it was just a Sircam
> > virus
> >
> >:). If you believe we can get something specific from them, I can pay them
> >
> >a
> >visit, I can see their building from my window here :)
> Well you seem to have looked into the subject already :) I went on their
> website and found a page about their objectives and theirs accompilshements
> and publications (didn't went through all of it yet). Since it is an arab
> league dependant organism I guess that they had already thought about a
> unified technical vocabulary (and you seem to have seen such a document)...
> So if you are really able to pay them a visit just ask them about it ;) And
> if there are any related documents etc (especially maths, though I'd be
> also interested in other subjects like stat, physics and astronomy).
> It would be really kind from you !
> Ciao,
> Youcef.
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