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Re: Duali: dictionary progress

On Fri, Jan 03, 2003 at 09:22:45PM +0000, Mohamed Kebdani wrote:

Salam M. Kebdani,

I apologize for the late response (I emailed you privately about some of
your account info to start putting the documentation on the Arabeyes cvs

You are doing a _superb_ job by all means! Curently I'm trying to write
the parts that don't require the dictionary as well as a simplified
version of the dictionary handler to be able to release a testable
version of the spellchecker late February. If you think you can be done
with the classification of all possible forms by then so I can assign
them numbers approrpriately by the end of January, then we can probably
have a pretty good test version by Feb.. otherwise I will just use some
of the info and leave the rest for later.

Again I apologize for not communicating in Arabic -- though I do promise
to start doing more of that once I get back to Bahrain and have access to
a keyboard with Arabic letters (yes Isam mailed me some but I destroyed
that keyboard since ;)

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