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Re: ar.po & full_wordlist.po

>--- Ossama Khayaat <ossamak nht com kw> wrote:
>> character-encoding: UTF-8
>> And last, and but least, there are words that I couldn't find
>> neither in Mawrid nor in Mariam's Webster dictionary found in
>> www.webster.com, which could either be wrong spelled or maybe
>> don't exist at all. So, should I just leave those words or
>> is it better to remove them. Following is an example:-
>> msgid "Absortion"
>> msgid "Abuilding"
>> msgid "Accoustom"
>I'm not sure if you are aware of www.m-w.com as well.

I checked it. It's the same as www.webster.com

> In any regard, if there are words that seem wrong
>or misspelled instead of removing them simply note
>them as problem area in the translation section.
>In other words, for the words above use a common string to note a
>problem such as "PROBLEM_WORD" or "ERROR_HERE" or something
>similar (as its translation).  That way once your exceptional
>work is completed we can go back and search for that string
>and deal with those words accordingly.

Thanks for the nice idea. I'll use PROBLEM_WORD

>Keep up the Great work (I can't tell you how happy I am to finally see
>someone look into the full_wordlist file finally :-)

I'm happy you're happy with what I'm doing and thank you and Isam
for the encourragement :D

> - Nadim

Ossama Khayat