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full_wordlist.po progrees

Assalamou Alaikom,
First of all, I'd like to apologize for not being so able to
work hardly on the full_wordlist.po file as I wanted to.
This is because of my business of teaching. Anyway,
I have several thought I thoughts and questions I have
about the process.

1- Is this file a template used for all translation projects
so that they have to translate it to their language and use
it as the standard dictionary file?

2- Several times I found words that are non existant (at
least in the dictionaries of the Internet) and couldn't find
them using www.onelook.com, which is (IMHO) the best
place to search since it looks up alomst all the dictionaries
on the Internet. So, what I did almost always is add words
similar to these words that are not previously added so is
this ok?

3- When there is a word that might have several meanings,
or that is not self-describing, I (sometimes) put it as:

-- full_wordlist.po quote --
msgid "Ainu"
msgstr "فرد من الأيْنو"
"لغة الأيْنو"
"جماعة من النازحين إلى الأرخبيل الياباني"
-- full_wordlist.po quote --

Is this the correct way. I tried to find out but couldn't find
any thing about this.
I think it's much better to include several meanings at least
for obscure words that might have different meanings and/or
uses, so what do you think?

4- When I find a word that could (again IMHO) be not so
accurate, I will replace it or add to it: Example:

-- full_wordlist.po quote --
msgid "Airway"
msgstr "الحنجرة"
"ممرّ هوائي"
"خطّ جوّي"
-- full_wordlist.po quote --

5- A confusing thig is the use of Alef-Lam at the start of each
verb or term. This is sometimes there and sometimes not.
Don't you think it's better to just remove it except for names?
Also, the way verbs and their derivatives are translated is either
wrong or at least not consistent: Example:

-- full_wordlist.po quote --
msgid "Kill"
msgstr "القتل"
msgid "Killing"
msgstr "القتل"
msgid "Swim"
msgstr "السباحة"
msgid "Read"
msgstr "إقرأ"
-- full_wordlist.po quote --

These ideas are in my mind now, and I might have other as well
when I'm working on it.
The whole idea is that when we do something we want it to be as
accurate as possible. Also, we need to make Arabic more appealing
in a way that we could use simple and easy terms. For example,
whey use إنقُر when I can use إضغط?? or زبون for client and not مستخدم
to make it simpler and more appealing... and the list goes on.

There are just some thoughts and Ideas, and I hope I will get a detailed
feedback or maybe I can (with your help) start a how to for the
translation of this file which needs more people to get involved.

Also, if necissary, I'm able to put a simple prize for those who help and
provide them with copies of what ever flavour of Linux that can be
downloaded from the Internet, copied on CDs and delivered to their
country FREE :)

Any volunteers??

Ossama Khayat