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Re: what is the translation of "daemon"?

Salam All ..
  It seems that this issue will take a larger size and more time than it 
should .. I know tht the word Daemon is already translated in at least 2 
different ways in the already done files .. and a very important step in the 
translation is to insure :
 - familiarity
 - consistancy

And that will not really happen unless we all follow the one translation of a 
word when itis in the same context ( like Daleel, Mojallad vs. Directory, 

I know that some of the suggestions that were proposed seem to be interesting 
(like Motarabes, and Jinni :-) ..  you know it could be a Jinni that is 
motarabes for your command ! Motarabes chahine is like when you are waiting 
for a command.. or like an army that is motarabes and hiding waiting for the 
enemy :-) ) 
Anyhow as it turned out that this is an Anconym, the way to deal with it will 
be by translitration (دايمون ) .. we have to put consistancy as a very main 
factor that control our translation .. 
I will not impose my opinion .. I can't do so .. but I will ask you to make 
my job as the coordinator fir the translation project an easy job .. I have 
to pass by every string that everyone translated ( including those I 
traslated) to check the spelling and the consistancy and the familiarity 
factor .. and if we desided to disagree .. then we will prove that we are 
ARABeyes .. you know what I mean ?

Let's move on .. we still have alot to catch up with 

Isam Bayazidi
Amman - Jordan
 Think Linux + Think Arabic = Think www.arabeyes.org