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Re: kdebase files

On Wed, 26 Dec 2001 15:26:33 -0500, doc at arabeyes dot org wrote:

>  9 of the 21 files in the kdeutils directory are now translated.
>  Since many of you want to finish off kdebase first, I'm now going to work
on files from that directory. I cannot rely heavily on the bar chart to know
which files are in need of translation, since it is neither accurate nor
up-to-date (for example, it only lists 15 of the 21 files in the kdeutils
directory.) Therefore, I am going to announce the names of the files I hope
to translate today in the order I want to work on them. If anyone has any
objections (i.e. they're working on that file already or think they should
do any of the files to keep translations consistent with a similar file
they've already worked on), please inform me as soon as possible.
>  Here are the files for today:
>  kcmaudiocd
>  kcmbackground
>  kcminfo
>  kcminput
>  -Waseem

good work wassem

i was planing to start in 

 files , and i asked if anybody is working in them im my message 

"Hi , (kcmkonqhtml.po & kcmlayout.po) had done finally" yesterday

anyway i will start in "kcmkeys.pot" and leave "kcminput.pot" for you


ali ismaeel

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