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Re: Second Arabeyes IRC Get-Together

On Monday 24 December 2001 17:35, you wrote:
> On Monday 24 December 2001 14:34, you wrote:
> > Dear Mohammad I will be grateful if you could explain to me how to use or
> > log on to IRC party cuz i had never use it befor and i will be glad to
> > saher in it.
> to log to the server you need an IRC client such as Xchat or KSirc in Linux
> (Graphical Interface) or BitchX for console ..
(I mistakly said the server is irc.openproject.org, while it is 
irc.openprojects.net infact) 

If you use Microsoft Windows, yu can use the mIRC client to connect .. same 
instructions ..
/connect irc.openprojects.net 
/nick YourNick
/join #arabeyes

Isam Bayazidi
Amman - Jordan
Think Linux + Think Arabic = Think www.arabeyes.org