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Re: ITL status


I haven't been posting for a while, but i have some thoughts about the itl-project:

1. a while ago, i posted an oo-based php implementation of the itl library (at least the part about prayer times). Nobody reviewed it as far as i can remember.. (by the way, i'm using it and it seems to be working fine..)

2. how about developing a documentation specially to the prayer times module? I'd love to know, how the algorithm came about and it would be beneficial in general to be able to tell my users how the prayer times are being calculated..

Salam. Omar

Abderrahim Kitouni wrote:
The first problem I faced trying to port Minbar to Windows was the dependencies, I found a binary distribution of gtk/glade, cross-compiling gstreamer was quite easy, but trying to cross-compile libitl showed that the current build system (autoconf with handwritten Makefile.in) was ineffective. I rewrote it using automake and it compiled fine (the SWIG wrapper isn't compiled). I'd like to have it included but I have some questions:

1. Who is the current mainainer ?
2. What else can be done for the library ? (someone noted wrappers/ports to other languages)

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