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Re: Thwab final release

Welcome Ahmed El-Mahmoudy
please keep it here so other could help us
while I'm offline
no need for private emails

 1. Adding an icon for thwab-lib
there is one in share/thwab-lib/images/thwab-lib.png

2. are the scripts in the scripts/ dir. needed for thwab-lib to
operate or are they needed to add new books ? Because if they are not
needed by thwab-lib, I am thinking of having them in a separate
package, say thwab-utils

no they are need only to create books and do black magic with them

3. I need help in the copyright file (the thwab-lib reference is under
FDL license, I dunno how to mention that in the copyright file)

the FDL is for the reference only

all code is under GPL except data files
which are FDL or GPL
I did not make my mind yet but assume that thay are FDLed

2. The Thwab files (sans the data for now) has been imported into our Arabeyes repository under,

good job, no need to put data in CVS