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Re: Thwab final release

--- Ahmed El-Mahmoudy <aelmahmoudy at users dot sourceforge dot net> wrote:
> On Sat, May 12, 2007 at 10:50:49PM +0300, Ahmed El-Mahmoudy wrote:
> >   Here it is: 
> >   http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/t/thwab-lib/
>   Also I need help in the following:
>   1. Adding an icon for thwab-lib
>   2. are the scripts in the scripts/ dir. needed for thwab-lib to 
>   operate or are they needed to add new books ? Because if they are not 
>   needed by thwab-lib, I am thinking of having them in a separate 
>   package, say thwab-utils
>   3. I need help in the copyright file (the thwab-lib reference is under 
>   FDL license, I dunno how to mention that in the copyright file)

A couple of quick comments for all (new and older alike),

 1. Do please trim your email citations to include only relevant 
    portions in your replies.  In other words, please don't reply
    blindly and just add your text on top of what is there already
    but cite the truly relevant portions.
 2. The Thwab files (sans the data for now) has been imported into
    our Arabeyes repository under,


    We'll have to hear back from Moayyad Al-Sadi (the project's creator
    and maintainer) on how he wants to proceed.  The data files are
    very large that's why I opted not to import a massive amount of
    data especially if we can pull it off of the net easily (the data
    doesn't/shouldn't change so it simply needs to exist somewhere
    very reliable).


 - Nadim

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