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Re: Summer of Code

On Fri, Mar 09, 2007 at 10:05:32AM +0000, Djihed Afifi wrote:
> Here is the stuff that I compiled:
> Arabic support to groff: Investigate ways to add arabic support to
> groff, or invesitgate using a different engine all together display man
> pages on the terminal.

I think Hebrew works: http://home.foolab.org/files/rtlgroff.pdf
I can't remember from which mailing list I've got that PDF.
It was in my queue if things to check but it was dropped. I think you can check it ?

> ITL: ports to most other languages written on top of the current ITL
> written in C. A lot of people need ITL ports to most other languages
> like PHP, Perl, Java, TCL, Python.Yes I know that they could call the
> command line utilities and parse them, but having it natively is better.
> e.g in perl:
> use Islamic::ITL;
> my @salattimes = &getPrayerTimes($lat, $long, ...) ;
> and similar for other languages. While the list of languages seems long,
> this is generally easy to do...

Do you think that a php extension is valuable ? I can cook that if needed!

> Bug Squashing:
> I'm not sure if this can quality as a SoC project. There is a group of
> 5/6 showstopper arabic bugs on Gnome and Abiword(1 bug?) that require
> some involved work, individually they are probably more than a day's
> experienced developer work but are less worthy for a complete SoCP,
> however together they can make it. The problem is that no one is willing
> to engage them and this is the perfect way of tackling them.

Can you please point me to them ? I'd love to check them and see if I can fix any.

> Porting website to new CMS:
> This is more than a drupal installation, and could very well qualify as
> a SoCP (there were a number of similar projects last year), of the top
> of my head this requires:
> 0-LDAP integration of all services.

Do we really need LDAP ?

> 3-Proper bidi support
What's that ? What's missing exactly ?

> 7-Qamoose integration, and possibly inversing the the dict to serve
> arabic->english as well.

Nice idea :-)

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