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Re: Summer of Code

Here is the stuff that I compiled:

Arabic support to groff: Investigate ways to add arabic support to
groff, or invesitgate using a different engine all together display man
pages on the terminal.

ITL: ports to most other languages written on top of the current ITL
written in C. A lot of people need ITL ports to most other languages
like PHP, Perl, Java, TCL, Python.Yes I know that they could call the
command line utilities and parse them, but having it natively is better.
e.g in perl:

use Islamic::ITL;
my @salattimes = &getPrayerTimes($lat, $long, ...) ;

and similar for other languages. While the list of languages seems long,
this is generally easy to do...

Also, it doesn't have to be a total rewrite, just on top of the current
C ITL, virtually all languages allow building extensions this way.

Bug Squashing:
I'm not sure if this can quality as a SoC project. There is a group of
5/6 showstopper arabic bugs on Gnome and Abiword(1 bug?) that require
some involved work, individually they are probably more than a day's
experienced developer work but are less worthy for a complete SoCP,
however together they can make it. The problem is that no one is willing
to engage them and this is the perfect way of tackling them.

Porting website to new CMS:
This is more than a drupal installation, and could very well qualify as
a SoCP (there were a number of similar projects last year), of the top
of my head this requires:
0-LDAP integration of all services.
1-Integration with CVS/SVN
2-New theme
3-Proper bidi support
4-Project management pages
5-Proper RSS feeds.
6-Translation statistics (the current implementation is buggy and
inaccurate), include ability to:
** Download files
** Assign files (or 'take them') through multiple phases, e.g
translation, QA1, QA2...
7-Qamoose integration, and possibly inversing the the dict to serve
arabic->english as well.