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Summer of Code

Gents, we are in the process applying to Google's Summer of Code (SoC) [1]
and as such we are looking to see which projects are in need of assistance.
I know that of late activity has pretty much halted, yet I also know that
there is alot that needs to be done.

Here is a short list of projects we'd like to hear about/from,

 + Bayani
 + BiCon
 + Siragi
 + Katoob ?
 + others ?

The idea is simply to get a list of who needs help and in what; if there
is a commitment from the project leader to be available to help prospective
volunteers then we can proceed (key here is commitment, accessibility and
consistency).  In short, this entails being available via email to guide
prospective helpers as well as directing them on what needs to happen.

Do please reply in earnest as the deadline is fast approaching.

[1] http://code.google.com/soc


 - Nadim

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