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Re: newbie

--- "A.Haq Abbad" <haqman at gmail dot com> wrote:
> Note, at the moment, I cannot do nothing, as I didnt receive my username or
> password, i.e. i cannot edit or upload anything yet, but should do soon.

Abdulhaq, you can start to contribute without CVS access by either asking
someone that has CVS access to commit on your behalf and/or ask the project's
maintainer (if he/she is around) to guide you in (if a project maintainer
does exist and/or isn't active then one is very much needed as a replacement).
The idea here is not to discourage people from joining and contributing but
to make sure that newbies are committed to the tasks ahead and are willing
to listen and learn (you'd be surprised how many people show-up, claim
interest, ask for an account and then simply vanish).

In short, find an interest area, dive into the code/project, ask questions,
generate patches, ask for them to get committed, read the various Arabeyes
howtos and if you continue contributing and forging ahead you'll get that
CVS account (and more if you so deem it)...

Hope that makes sense and again don't get discouraged - if you're looking
to help we'll certainly notice it ("actions speak louder than voices").

Salam & welcome aboard.

 - Nadim

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