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Re: Glibc Arabic locales

--- Khaled Hosny <khaledhosny at eglug dot org> wrote:
> Current Arabic locale definitions are so buggy with many incorrect or
> even missed details, as an Egyptian, I'm considering ar_EG locale but
> many of these details are true for other Arabic locales.
> #Month and Day names: current definition includes truncated month and
> day names as abbreviated form; thing like ينا، فبر، مار، etc.
> Those forms are completely non-sense in Arabic and not used any where,
> simply abbreviated form should be the same as complete form (like what
> fa_IR locale is doing)
> #Digits:Egypt, and most Arabic countries except Al-Maghrib Al-Arabi,
> uses Arabic-Indic (or Mashriqi Arabic) digits, the locale definition
> should reflect this, which it doesn't currently.
> #Date formates: currently the full date form prints like, خميس يونيو
> 14, it should be something like الخميس 14 يونيو, the same with
> date formates, date formates also needs fixing.
> #Collation rules (alphabetic sorting): this needs more investigation, 
> how we should treat WAW HAMZAH ABOVE and YEH HAMZA ABOVE; as a variant 
> of yaa' and waw or as forms of alef? alef forms with hamza and maddah 
> should precede or follow the normal alef? I think the better way to 
> solve this is to find how Arabic dictionaries deal with this issue.
> We started a wiki page
> (http://wiki.arabeyes.org/الإعدادات_المحلية) to
> collect information about that issue, if any one knows the details
> about other Arabic speaking countries please add it their.
> Waiting for your ideas and comments.

Khaled, did you submit your changes/modification to the proper/actual 
maintainers of these locales ?  Did you contact anyone that is affiliated
with maintaining the locales ?  If not, then please do so and see what
their reactions are - let's start a dialog with _them_ to at a min raise
their awareness to all these issues...

Salam & keep up the great work !

 - Nadim

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