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Re: A license needed for authentic/consistency purposes

> Is that some kind of trademark enforcement? The same way the Mozilla
> Foundation does not allow a changed Firefox to be called Firefox?
> Understood this way, I would agree with you.
In the article of RMS (founder of GNU) he published some articles
that are not to be modified, because they were his own ideas
you can say RMS said so and so if he did not

We muslims have something more worthy of being taken care of its authenticity
it's our free culture
our free culture is supposed to be freely copied, redistributed and developed
it was even before FSF,

I'll give you an extreme example, some scholars did publish a compilations
of inauthentic hadiths (sayings of prophet Muhammad)
so even inauthentic Hadiths are allowed to be redistributed
for example Imam Al-Albani published a book called
السلسلة الضعيفة أو صعيف الجامع
"The inauthentic series or inauthentic compilation"

my idea, Imagine that some one develop his own version of GnuPG
that tells you that the signature is valid while it's not

so it's not about the title or the trademark
it's about the false impression given to the user
my case to protect people from being victims of fraud
which could be legal because of some license issue