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QAIML project

   I want to contribute with my QAIML project:
which is an AIML (http://alicebot.org) implementation
based on Qt (offering unicode) and thus supporting
Arabic seamlessly.
  A very first Arabic set is provided. It needs to be updated
for sure and for this I'm relying on your community :)
  I already submitted this project to the AIML community,
it had been immediately published under: http://www.alicebot.org
And then many people (non arabic) were interested in the project.
  Can you please consider it so that the arab community can benefit
from and contribute in this technonlogy (by improving the core engine and
extending the Arabic AIML set leading to a better Arabic handling).
I'm waiting for your feedbacks.

                   Houssem BDIOUI
             EDA Development Engineer
Tools Team Leader - OCCS - IP & Design - HPC
               STMicroelectronics Tunis

TINA:    157 5107
Public:  +216 70 10 51 07
mobile: +216 20 35 80 40
e-mail:  houssem dot bdioui at st dot com
             houssem dot bdioui at gmail dot com