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Re: minibidi bug

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
No.  AFAICS, the problem is with bidi type of the text after
"best ".  The '3' shouldn't matter.  Since 4 >= 3 anyway.

No, Again, the level '3' *IS* the problem what happens is

- abcdefghijk

This is flipped to

- abcdeihgfjk


- abcdfghiejk

You see now ?

- OUTPUT        best ENO and EHT
- miniBidi      ENO and best EHT
                ^^^^^^^^^^^^-- missing a flip

the reversing happens from the maximum level to the least level
greater than '0'. so the level '4' run is flipped and then flipped
again within the '3' run.

I'll see if I can put on the verbose thing in 30 minutes, if I cant
I'll post the levels.