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Re: Hadith application

--- Ahmad Khalifa <ahmad at khalifa dot ws> wrote:
> I've seen a post before talking about a hadith application.
> Where did that go ? Was it discussed further ?

Your best bet to pour over the archives, but as far as I remember
I don't think we ever found a place that was offering open-sourced
data - but then again the data is arguably already in the public
domain and is already open sourced.  I'm no lawyer but this seems
rather general and should be clear-cut, no ?

> If one where to develop a hadith application would anyone be
> willing to participate with the development and/or hadith gathering
> and authentication ? What would be reliable sources ?

The hardest part of all of this would be the gathering of the data
and authenticating it.  I'd guess the various books and publications
out there are your best bet.

Once the data is collected a mechanism would need to be put in-place,
just like the Quran data, to ensure that what is downloaded and/or
viewed is the genuine article that the author meant to bundle instead
of something modified and/or meddled with (gpg signatures, published
md5sum, ...).

> Also, does anyone have any ideas on how this application would
> look like ? what are the necessary features, and functionalities ?
> e.g. search by topic, relevant Quran ayat, explanation, ... ?

All of the above - once the data is collected then the cross-referencing
would be an issue.
> Nadim mentioned that this application would best be part of the Quran
> GUI application. Any thoughts ?

I've suggested in the past that we have a general GUI reader that could
be used for both sets of data (and more - like IbnKathir's explanation,
etc) I was a mere suggestion.  You can then specify your data in a set
format (XML or whatever is decided upon) and get the theme-able GUI for

BTW - what is the status of the Quran GUI - Omar ?


 - Nadim

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