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Proposed libquran function

Since there are quite some discussion going on, let me share my view on this.

First, about the audio. If I'm not mistaken, current libquran still
expect the audio to be in speex format and in the form of 1 aya per
file (correct me if I'm wrong). I think this severely limits the use
of the application. I would proposed it to be more flexible, like the
web application that I've created.First, I think it should be able to
handle as many format as the codec is available in the system
(directshow in windows, maybe gstreamer in linux) so the user will
have their own choice of audio format. Second, the library should be
able to handel multiple aya per file, typically 1 file per sura .
Than, the user can input , for a particulat aya, which file it
associate to, when does it start, and when does it stop. Third, it
should be able to handle multiple aya per stop. This is good for  qari
like Abdur Rahman Sudais, which he continuously read multiple aya
before stopping.
As M Damt mention, for embedded environtment, it seems not very
practicle to have the data stored in XML. It will takes a lot of
resources just to load it up. There might be a solution for this, but
not sure (berkely DB XML maybe?) . Or, maybe we can work on embedded
DB such as SQLITE.
For those who are interested to test or proof read the complete quran
data with all of the marks, please let me know. I still working on
providing to data so that others can download it from the net.