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Re: arabbix discussion

--- Alaa Abd El Fattah <alaa at eglug dot org> wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 "Dr.Dre" wrote:
It would be best to use real names if possible, but I digress ;-)

> simply let arabbix be a snapshot of phaeronix that includes arabic
> locale, the rest of arabeyes projects and arabeyes artwork.
> I'm sure I can pressure islam to put most of the stuff in core phaeronix
> anyway.

We need to keep the focus of what Arabbix is meant to be and why it even
exists.  The process and the documentation (steps, procedures, recipes,
etc) are more important, IMHO, than the end-product.  We also want to
come-up with something that can easily serve other entities (LUGs, orgs,
etc) by having them __very__ easily customize it to fir their needs and
their themes.  Last but not least, it needs to be debian based.

No harm in restating an abbreviated set of goals every once in awhile :-)


 - Nadim

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