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New project cooperation

Salam Tarik, Abdulaziz post his trip to Morocco and post Arabeyes'
presentation there (which we hope was informative) came back
extremely excited about some of your work and efforts which
I'd like to talk to you about (I'm CC'ing Arabeyes' "developer"
mailing-list [1] so others are made aware of your efforts).  It
was noted that you are the maintainer of two projects,

 + Sirius - a QT-based management-like application made to
            facilitate a more efficient workplace in educational
            institute (schools, universities etc).

 + Siragi - a robust OCR program, it is not only designed to read
            text (including Arabic) from hard copies, but it also
            dictates/pronounces said text. Application's functions
            are geared towards the blind.

I've been told that Sirius (wasn't able to find a URL for it) is in
hibernation since you don't have enough time to work on it and that
you were/are looking for volunteers to help out and contribute.

With regard to the Siragi [2], the OCR application, we've had past
discussions/threads [3] regarding this topic with a few people showing
interest and wanting to work on it (we've also had a person note that
their professor in Bahrain has expertise in the field and that she'd be
willing to help out).  I had also sent mail [4] in the past trying to
get some responses from those that seemed to have worked in related
fields to no avail.  Regarding Siragi though I wasn't able to get too
much info from the project's website since I don't speak french and
90%+ of the website was in french :-/

We would very much like to know how best we can proceed to help out
and get more engaged and if we can utilize some of Arabeyes' resources
(project page, CVS, etc) to that end.

[1] http://www.arabeyes.org/mailinglists.php
[2] http://siragi.sf.net 
[3] http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/developer/2004/February/msg00156.html
[4] http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/developer/2004/February/msg00169.html


 - Nadim

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