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Re: Prayer Times

--- Thamer Mahmoud <thamer at newkuwait dot org> wrote:
> --- Ahmed Talaat writes:
> > I live in Dubai, and in the past few months, I found that all the
> > masjeeds have now installed an electronic clock that shows the 5
> > prayer times, according to which they operate. Again, I compared
> > the values on their clock to any of the current program, and I
> > found that they are different. So, I really do not know which is
> > the most accurate program, or may be there is none at the moment.
> This could mean many things. For example: human error and software
> bugs; rounding errors; being biased to a certain Fiqh by default or
> results tainted to a certain location; perpetual calendars, or old
> calculation theories in the ever changing universe..etc...etc.
> Any or all these factors could in fact contribute to producing
> different/wrong results. The ITL prayer library does try to overcome
> some of these issues at least. This is not the case with the other
> tools that I have tested or read about, and some of them even try to
> do the opposite.

Is it possible (and I already kinda know the answer :-) to get some
certification from a well known/established entity on the validity
of these results ?  I'm not sure what that would accomplish beyond
telling people that what they are getting from ITL has been inspected
and validated by so-n-so organization (something that most printed
and otherwise schedules out there lack).

I know this is a rather loaded question which actually ties to a
number of other issues we had/have with regard to the Quran project,
but there is no harm in asking and re-asking :-)  In short for some
of our Islamic projects we really need someone to look them over and
validate them (for external satisfaction) and it would be ideal if
someone can point us to a specialized organization that could help out.


 - Nadim

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