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Re: start of SIRAGI project

On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:

> Behdad, need I remind you that it took OVER A YEAR for VIM's author to
> incorporate the Arabic patches? We can't just sit around waiting for
> mainstream developers to integrate our work and neither do we want to
> start forks unless we feel that the maintainers have no intentions of
> doing anything about it. After all, the chances of the success of a fork
> is mostly not very high.

That's perferctly fine, yes.  First, a year for a patch like
Arabic support in VIM is very optimistic and due.  There's a
locale patch for glibc to add a new locale, that was integrated
in after two years.  And a locale is just data, no code involved.

Second, unlike your preference, to me, a fork is still better
than a new project.  That's like the Linux kernel stuff.
Everybody except for Linus, provides his patch, and update the
patch when new kernels break it.  Nobody starts writing a new
kernel since Linux does not support his webcam!  That's the way
you can go, and you can provide prebuilt packages too.  You can
easily convince distributions like Mandrake, maybe Debian, and
even Fedora to ship your patches, and that makes the maintainer
more confident in the patch and ease integration.

Third, I want to draw your attention to a recent project called
Poppler[1], which is a fork of xpdf codebase by Red Hat guys on
freedesktop.org.  This was since xpdf maintainer/auther was not
interested in integrating communities patches upstream.
KDE/Gnome are both using Poppler right now, and we are going to
see a far better PDF support in them.  Another example is the
ooo-build project [2], which is multi-distro effort to release
integration patches for OpenOffice.org simply becuase OO.o
process is too slow.  They eventually integrate upstream, but the
project exists, and has proven to be quite useful so far.  Now,
instead of seeing you guys writing minibidi for CUPS maintainers
because they're not willing to link to FriBidi, I liked to see
somebody starting a page for [L]GPLed patches to CUPS and start
advertising that.


[1] http://poppler.freedesktop.org/
[2] http://ooo.ximian.com/ooo-build.html