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Re: u2ps - Is there any Arabic mail archives?

On Yaum al-Khamees 24 Safar 1425 02:49 am, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> --- Yukihiro Nakai <ynakai at redhat dot com> wrote:
> > I'm developing i18n text/mail printing filter like a2ps at
> >
> >   http://bonobo.gnome.gr.jp/~nakai/u2ps/
> Wow, this is great - we've undertaken various efforts
> (with limited success so far) to bring proper Arabic
> printing support.  Having 'u2ps' is an added plus to
> all (unfortunately I don't have the gnome library
> necessary installed (on solaris) to test properly).
> --- Ossama Khayat wrote:
> > I really like the output as PDF as it seems so clean. Anway, for
> > what it's worth, here are some comments:
> > - Letters are borken on harakat (tashkeel or umlaut).
> > - Words at the end of the line are broken into separate lines,
> >   i.e. last one two letters that don't fit on the same line,
> >   are put separately on a new line.
> > - In the title up, the Arabic word 'April' has not shaping at all.
> >
> > Other than this, it's really cool.
> With regard to the PDF file that you have on the URL
> noted above, I fully agree with Ossama's comments/observations.

I didn't read any mail regarding whether these issues are solved. So, I want 
to bring to your attention that the last version 0.0.3 has solved all these 
issues. Please check for yourself and submit any other bugs since it seems 
the author is active now (with a commit 2 hours ago)

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