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Re: A bug in what (was Re: A bug in cut?)?

On Wed, 26 May 2004, Munzir Taha wrote:

> On Yaum al-Arbi'a 06 Rabi` al-Thaani 1425 01:05 am, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> > Are you sure your editor is working in the same locale (so
> > character set) as your terminal?
> yes all of them use unicode but let me ask you all something, can any one
> display the attached file in any editor besides vim? It should contain U00D9

NO, THEY ARE NOT.  Your file is in ISO 8859-1 (aka Latin1)
encoding.  Vim autodetects that and handles it, gnome-terminal
and konsole simply don't understand it.

Try "file konsole_bug" and it will tell you:

[behdad at mces behdad]$ file konsole_bug
konsole_bug: ISO-8859 text

While for a real UTF-8 file it says:

[behdad at mces behdad]$ file x
x: UTF-8 Unicode text


> $vim konsole_bug
> Ù
> Ù
> Ù
> Ù
> Ù
> Ù
> konsole display squares, gnome-terminal nothing at all. What about you?
> This bug seems very odd to me. It began as a bug in cut, then turned out to be
> in  konsole, now is something else. If it goes like this it will turn to be a
> bug in MacOSX ;)