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CUPS Testing...

after a few posts over the CUPS newsgroups (i echoed them here),
we're going with minibidi in CUPS' patch, so the current patch
remains the _actual_ one to be submitted.

now wait, im not going to submit it now, i'll wait until minibidi
issues are solved  ;-)

so, for now we need Testers to look for other issues. i.e if the
punctuation is not well ordered, thats minibidi's problem, leave it.
you should be looking for issues like: arabic text doesnt come up
and doesnt print, filter crashes on harakat, etc...

I will make changes to minibidi by the end of june, hopefully then
we'd have solved all other issues, so START TESTING! and reporting :))

also, please include your OS version with your test feedback.

As usual, you can test the filter by itself if you dont have a printer,
but we need to start testing _actual_ printing, i.e a hard copy paper in
your hand with arabic text on it. i havent been able to do that, because
my cupsd crashes, i filed an STR (bugzilla like thing) at CUPS.org, if
you have the same problem you can maybe vote or sth, im not sure...

my finals are coming up in a week, i wont be doing much work until the
end of june, so take your time in testing, but please do test.