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Re: Debian Installer?

I understand about the 1 .exe app etc. The application kprayertime is a single 
app at the moment and I happily copied and pasted the ITL library as it means 
that I don't have to ask my users to go and get another library. That's fine 
as when ITL is updated I will update kprayertime too.

But I think that for the bidi/shaping algorithm a library is the best option 
as the developers of CUPS etc will not be inclined to keep an eye on any 
improvements to the algorithm (such as those being discussed by yourselves 
ATM for instance) that you may make. That way your arabic users can upgrade 
the bidi implementation without waiting for CUPS etc to incorporate the new 

On Friday 21 May 2004 18:01, ahmad khalifa wrote:
> >From: abdulhaq <al-arabeyes at alinsyria dot fsnet dot co dot uk>
> >As no code is bug free, it would certainly seem sensible that these
> >algorithms
> >are incorporated into external projects using libraries rather than
> > copying and pasting of functions. Can I suggest that Ahmad turn his code
> > into a library, and use the same API (i.e. function prototypes) as
> > fribidi? This shouldn't be too arduous and will make bug-fixes far easier
> > to propagate to the external projects.
> good suggestion, but please understand why its not a library in the first
> place.
> PuTTY was the main reason for minibidi, and PuTTY is a 1 .exe and the
> author is very proud of it being a 1 file app. so an external lib with
> putty was a patch
> stopper.
> now, with cups it could easily be done, and the authors wouldnt mind as
> cups already has its build scripts.
> nadim, what do you think about turning it into a lib ? i need help here.
> abdulhaq, thanks for your comments, testing, feedback.
> ak.
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