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Re: Debian Installer?

Salam all,

On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 09:42:56PM -0700, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> Approximately a week or so ago Ayman Negm (aka XSnack) noted on IRC
> that he's looking into a patch to curses/slang/?? to add Bidi/Shaping
> (he noted that he has resorted to lots of trial-n-error), I've also
> heard that there is a patch already floating about but its author is
> hot-n-heavy into finals at the moment (sorry, I can't access my other
> machine to pull down the necessary info).

I am still using try and error method :(
> Ayman, you out there ?

Yes I am there, sorry my family move to Egypt and I have to recover my
system after hardware problem. Now I have more questions than answers, but I
will continue as soon as I am finished with my real life stuff.

> All these details can (and should) be gotten and coordinated from the
> folks on #debian-boot (irc.freenode.net).

I think we should solve this by our own, because no one from other
nations is interested in Arabic ;-)

Any help is appreciated