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CUPS Action update !

here is the latest post to CUPS' newsgroup.

but first i have a question, is there going to be an external CUPS project ?
i dont have any place to store the patches and converted fonts, so
please let me know if there will be a place for CUPS on cvs, or should i
just use minibidi's folder on CVS ???

btw, we are very close :))
i resolved a few font issues, and did a test with minibidi and things seem
to be working fine, i would expect an official patch soon (ISA) in the
next few days....

btw, this is really me, not the sicko spoof kid, note the punctuation ;-)


'CUPS' is me, but i misconfigured my news reader
CUPS wrote:

"Michael Sweet" <mike at easysw dot com> wrote in message
news:40967EE0 dot 4050903 at easysw dot com dot dot dot

Make sure you end up with an ASCII (pfa) font file; the text filter
only supports ASCII encoding.

well, after a while i found out that Type-1 fonts only support up to 256 glyphs, the rest would just have names.

Type1 fonts can contain any number of glyphs. The default encoding
is typically only an 8-bit one, however CUPS doesn't use the default
encoding at all.

regarding the font, the Khotot project only has bdf fonts, i'll look
for a converter from BDF to TTF or BDF to PFA, or do you
know any ??

BDF fonts only contain bitmaps, so they aren't suitable for use as
printer fonts.

i also find that 1.2.x crashes, so i had problems with the ppd
pointer not being filled by cupsGetPPD() <-- or something similar

Please file a STR:


the CHARSET env variable was not set on my Fedora. so i suggest
getting the charset from the LANG env variable if CHARSET is null.

CHARSET is always set when run from the scheduler; for your own
testing from the command-line, make sure to set it.

with bidi being integrated into CUPS, will the rtol parameter in the
charsets/utf-8 file be necessary ? its best to set it to ltor while Bidi
is being done.

We'll probably want to have a single font map file which maps Unicode
ranges to font names, which can be used when figuring out which fonts
are required.

to sum up, i need your opinion on the following, so i can go ahead
with the patch...
- include psglyphs in the patch.

Please do, although we'll need to see the differences for sure to
make sure they match up with Adobe's spec; if not, the fonts will
need to be fixed.

- utf-8 file's rtol param would be ltor when bidi is done.

This is going away, so you can change it in the interim but it
will not be an issue in the future.

- using LANG for charset if CHARSET is not set.

No, CHARSET is set by the scheduler and MUST be set if you are
doing any testing.

- arabic presentation form-b, used for shaping. put that in a different font
i.e 1 font for 0x0600 and 1 for 0xFE70 ?

Make one font with all glyphs, then reference for both places.

- shaping/bidi would be done on Page[line][i].ch in the 0x0a case of the
    switch(getutf8()). is that OK?

Works for me.

- bdf font converter ? or look for other GPL TTF ?

We'll need an outline font; bitmaps don't do us any good (unless
you like text that looks like it was printed on a dot-matrix

Michael Sweet, Easy Software Products           mike at easysw dot com
Printing Software for UNIX                       http://www.easysw.com

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