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Re: CUPS Action update !

--- ahmad khalifa <ahmadkhalifa at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> here is the latest post to CUPS' newsgroup.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

> but first i have a question, is there going to be an external CUPS
> project ? i dont have any place to store the patches and converted fonts,
> so please let me know if there will be a place for CUPS on cvs, or should
> i just use minibidi's folder on CVS ???

We talked about this on IRC - all patch projects should reside in their
own directory under  /project/external/*  along with an appropriate
README file denoting the work at hand and various other info.
> btw, we are very close :))
> i resolved a few font issues, and did a test with minibidi and things seem
> to be working fine, i would expect an official patch soon (ISA) in the
> next few days....

This is wonderful - keep at it (your track record mashalla is GREAT :-)


 - Nadim

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